sabato 8 settembre 2012

Medieval Market

At Medieval Market website we offer you a large choice of articles related to medieval reenactment. We try our best to make our assortment in highest quality and essentially reliable. That is why we cooperate with high class craftsmen who turned their fascination in the Middle Ages into lifestyle.
To assure historical accordance of our articles, we rely on the studies of historical sources (such as well preserved medieval findings) and when they are not available (none or few examples) we use illustrations, paintings and literature from the proper period.
Our offer, which we are constantly developing, consists of medieval clothing and medieval costumes for men and women, supplementary accessories, medieval furniture and medieval tents. If you cannot find what you are looking for, do not give up and write to us! We are not afraid of special orders nor challenges (even a wedding medieval dress:).
Machine-sewn clothes with hand-sewn trimmings are in our standard offer so all the machine seams are on the inside and they are not visible. All medieval clothing from our offer may be entirely hand-sewn (what we recommend).

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